Översikt av Docusate Sodium (Colace®) för hundar och Felines Docusate-natrium är ofta känt som Colace® och används som ett laxermedel för att behandla 


Docusate sodium is an oral medication used to soften stool. The medication makes it easier to pass stool, especially after surgery or injury to the perineum. Docusate sodium also helps treat constipation and works to reduce straining during a bowel movement.

Docusate Sodium Adult is not recommended for children aged 12 years and under. Prolonged use can precipitate the onset of an atonic non-functioning colon and hypokalaemia. Docusate Sodium Adult Solution contains sorbitol. This medicine contains 1290 mg sorbitol in each 5 mL dose. Sorbitol is a source of fructose.

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> 5,00 - <. 20,00. Fettalkohol etoxylerad alkyleter. 345642-79-7 Xi;  In addition, each tablet contains the following inactive ingredients: anhydrous lactose, colloidal silicon dioxide, crospovidone, docusate sodium, magnesium  Mixture of docusate sodium (INN) and sodium benzoate. Kommissionens genomförandeförordning (EU) nr 496/2011 av den 20 maj 2011 om godkännande av  1109.Norgalax miniklistier. Norgine (Germany). Docusate sodium + glycerol.

Solvent naphtha (petroleum), light arom., <0.1% Benzene. Formaldehyd. A06AA02, Docusate sodium.

Docusate is a stool softener that makes bowel movements softer and easier to pass. Docusate is used to relieve occasional constipation (irregularity). There are many brands and forms of docusate available. Not all brands are listed on this leaflet. Docusate may also be used for purposes not listed in this medication guide.

A06AB, Tarmirriterande medel. A06AB01, Oxyfenacetin. A06AB02, Bisakodyl. Docusate Sodium For Dogs: Användning, dosering och biverkningar.

Download the list. The complete list of pre-registered substances is too large to be displayed on this page. You can download the list as comma-separated file 

Eye Dam. 1, H318. Docusate sodium. Signalord Fara. · Riskbestämmande komponenter för etikettering: docusate sodium. · Faroangivelser. H318 Orsakar allvarliga ögonskador. · Skyddsangivelser.

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Docusate sodium

Alternatively, add 50 to 100 mg to saline or oil retention enema to treat fecal impaction. Children ages 6 to 12: 40 to 120 mg P.O. daily. Children ages 3 to 6: 20 to 60 mg P.O. daily.

Docusate sodium. Signalord Fara. · Riskbestämmande komponenter för etikettering: docusate sodium.
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sodium salt. 208465-19-4. Aquatic Acute 1, H400 Docusate natrium.

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DOCUSATE is stool softener. It helps prevent constipation and straining or discomfort associated with hard or dry stools. The lowest GoodRx price for the most common version of docusate sodium is around $1.25, 71% off the average retail price of $4.36.

0%--Protein. Logga mat. Dagliga mål. Hur passar  Engelska. docusate sodium Engelska.

The purpose of docusate sodium is as a stool softener. Docusate sodium is used for: Relieving occasional constipation (irregularity); Generally producing bowel 

docusate potassium an anionic surfactant used as a stool softener; administered orally. docusate sodium an ionic surfactant used as a stool softener. Miller-Keane Docusate Sodium belongs to a group of medicines called emollient laxatives. This medicine is used to prevent and treat constipation by allowing water to be absorbed in the … 2018-04-25 Docusate sodium salt BioUltra, ≥99.0% (TLC); CAS Number: 577-11-7; EC Number: 209-406-4; Synonym: AOT, Bis(2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate sodium salt, Sodium bis(2-ethylhexyl) sulfosuccinate, Sulfobutanedioic acid bis(2-ethylhexyl ester) sodium salt, Sulfosuccinic acid bis(2-ethylhexyl) ester sodium salt, ‘Dioctyl’ sulfosuccinate sodium salt; Linear Formula: C20H37NaO7S; find Sigma-Aldrich [6 pack] rugby® docusate sodium 50mg & senna 8.6mg 100ct x 6 bottles *compare to the same active ingredients found in peri-colace® and save!* 4.3 out of 5 stars 10 $25.99 $ 25 . 99 ($0.26/tablet) Docusate sodium may cause an unpleasant aftertaste or burning sensation. This may be minimised by drinking plenty of water after taking the solution.

< 2 years of age: Safety and efficacy have not been established; however, 40 mg/day PO of docusate sodium has been used. Docusate Sodium The most recent supplement in the family of supplements is a supplement called Docusate Sodium. This is a natural supplement that contains a special blend of herbs to help people get their daily recommended allowances of sodium for a healthier body weight. It contains 10 mL of docusate sodium 0.5 % w/v in a water-miscible base containing glycerine and water. It contains a mixture of hydroxybenzoate esters 1.7 mg/mL and phenoxyethanol 4.3 mg/mL as preservatives.